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KST Automation and System Engineering

We provide reliable hardware along with customer-oriented state-of-the-art software for all types of cranes and other hoists, construction machinery and other heavy industrial machinery. Together with our software, which is based on the wishes and requirements of our customers, custom systems are created that meet today’s high security requirements. The philosophy of KST is that the operation and calibration of the products and systems should be as simple as possible. All settings and adjustments are made via the control panel.


Your partner in cabins and constructions. Craftsmanship in cabin construction, an ergonomic working environment and innovation are central to this, so that our customers’ employees can do their work healthier, safer and more efficiently. We are ready for you with 300 people. From cabin design to production and service & parts. We have everything in house. One less worry for you, for us self-evident.

Lase Industrielle lasertechnik gmbh

Efficient handling of containers is becoming more important. Our laser-based products and software solutions improve efficiency, productivity and safety. The increasing degree of automation in container terminals and a high demand for risk reduction are the main challenges for port operators. In this area, our laser-based systems help detect, measure and prevent collisions, which are designed for objects and machines such as cranes, containers, transport vehicles, crane arms and other equipment.

Symeo Absolute Positioning

We develop and manufacture state-of-the-art components of HF radio sensor technology, as well as radar and satellite-based complete systems for real-time position detection and distance measurement for industrial applications worldwide. In addition, we provide reliable collision avoidance solutions and failsafe telemetry systems. We combine radar-based radio frequency technology and communication methods to improve existing systems and enable new ones.