That’s running nonstop

Operational reliability and continuity, guaranteed

TES Industrial Systems. That’s running!

TES Industrial Systems develops and produces sustainable solutions for industrial drive systems and industrial automation. We use our concepts and solutions around the world in container cranes, industrial cranes, conveyor-belt systems, maritime installations, amusement parks and other industrial applications. Operational continuity across the globe, guaranteed. It is with good reason that our credo is: 'That’s running'. And you can count on that.

That’s running non-stop

Our customer-specific solutions always meet our high-quality requirements. The 24-hour economy is absolutely indispensable and we are fully committed to that. Just like you are. We understand that your goal is to keep your systems operating as productively as possible while avoiding unnecessary downtime. Our specialists in Oosterhout and Beverwijk, the Netherlands are there for you 24/7. We do everything we can to prevent unnecessary downtime and resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

That’s running optimal

Our people are experts in their fields and are constantly planning ahead. Because we believe that good results stand or fall with a good relationship, we spend time and attention on our relations. We feel closely connected to our clients. In order to arrive at the best tailor-made solution, we work intensively with them. And we deliver on our promises. Nobody walks away from their responsibilities. We also expect that mentality from our clients. That is how we work together.

That’s running transparent

Based on an initial design, we assemble a project team. Under the supervision of a project manager, the hardware engineers, software engineers, planners and service technicians carry out the project. Our project leader keeps a close watch on things, reporting continually to the client while ensuring safety and making sure deadlines are met. Success is guaranteed!

That’s running innovative

Expectations are always high, and that is just as it should be. Whilst innovation always plays a major role in that, it is always at the service of everyday practice. Our (semi-)hybrid drive systems bring sustainability to a whole new level. The result: lower emissions without compromising productivity. Good for your efficiency, better for the environment. This is also our social responsibility.

That’s running safe

Safety is an absolute must within our organisation. As a client, you have to be able to trust that safety is guaranteed. We have no problem dealing with our clients’ requirements because we also impose strict requirements on safety and well-being on ourselves.

That’s running reliable

TES Industrial Systems was founded in 1983. Before that time, the TES group of companies was active in electrical engineering, residential construction, utilities and industry and carried out projects for the Dutch Central Government Real Estate Agency. In 1983, the Oosterhout and Beverwijk branches split and TES Industrial Systems was born – this global organisation focuses on industrial drive concepts and industrial automation. The offices in Oosterhout and Beverwijk work together intensively reinforcing each other. As a client you know that everything is in trusted and capable hands.