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, OBA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam

Full Hybrid System Crane “Nijlpaard”

Beside the successful semi-hybrid systems, TES Industrial Systems developed, delivered and installed a full-hybrid system at OBA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam B.V. on their floating crane the “Nijlpaard”.

For this crane installation, the full-hybrid system had to work non-stop considering most of the power is delivered by the system. Therefore, it has to be extremely reliable. The installation has been operating successfully for some time and functions to the client’s full satisfaction.

Quote from Jan Brouwer, project manager of OBA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam B.V. during the initial unloading after the overhaul:

“It was a tense moment the first time the Nijlpaard was put back in commission, it was an exciting and radical project and we worked hard on it together with TES. It worked perfectly, the first grabbing motion was superb, that’s the only way I can describe it.”

TES Industrial Systems continues to innovate and create opportunities for sustainability, reliability and safety, developing new systems and perfecting existing systems.

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