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Mammoet Super Heavy Lift Cranes

TES Industrial Systems successfully modernised the massive 250 ton PHB crane, which together with “de Bolder” is a distinctive feature of the Mammoet location in Schiedam.

TES Industrial Systems modernised the “Amsterdam” floating crane, and Mammoet also contracted us to supply the electrical installation including engineering a number of new cranes in the Super Heavy Lift class.

That regarded cranes of the types PTC 120 DS and PTC 160 DS. Both cranes have a 3,200 ton SWL, with the following load moment capacities:

  • PTC 120 DS: 120,000 ton metres, P
  • TC 160 DS: 160,000 ton metres

Both cranes have a jib length of c. 140 m, and a boom length of c. 200 m. The cranes are also equipped with a 250 ton auxiliary winch for fast hoisting. All parts were, as is standard for the Mammoet PTC concept, built in standard shipping container size.