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ZHD Stevedores

Overhaul of Gottwald 10

In the past, TES Industrial Systems was contracted by ZHD Stevedores to overhaul a mobile “Nellen” crane using modern technology, such as DC-DC converters.

Because of this successful overhaul, years later TES Industrial Systems was awarded the contract to modernise the Gottwald 10 mobile crane. This Gottwald crane was provided with a modern control unit, including a Siemens S7 PLC and Siemens voltage regulators.

This solution was chosen based on previous experience regarding the reliability and deployability of the “Nellen” crane which was overhauled years before and equipped with “The TES Software” as ZHD calls it.

We have since been awarded two following contracts, specifically to overhaul Gottwald 1 and Gottwald 11. We are going to provide both with a new PLC that will of course have the tried and tested “TES Software”.