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C. Steinweg-Handelsveem B.V.

Reconstruction of Gottwald G4

In recent years, we have modernised a range of mobile cranes whereby our starting points were to increase the reliability of the cranes and to make the installationb simpler and more accessible for our client’s service department.

For C. Steinweg-Handelsveem B.V., TES Industrial Systems recently provided the G4 (HMK 280 60/100T) with:

  • Complete new e-panels with a S7-300 PLC
  • New DC regulators for Hoisting and Slewing (6RA80)
  • New motor and AC regulator for driving the crane (S120)
  • New overload system with the corresponding load tables
  • Completely new crane driver seats for both the lower and upper cabins

Furthermore, besides the usual container and hook operation, the crane was equipped with a “Flex Lifter” that
C. Steinweg-Handelsveem B.V. itself developed. This flex lifter is used to unload so-called “slabs” at the new terminal in Hartelhaven.

Because the modernisation was completed to the clients full satisfaction they decided to commission a following contract for the G2 and G3.