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OBA Bulk Terminal Amsterdam

ShipLoader Tower 1

OBA Amsterdam wanted to further expand the existing wharf to enable more ships to be loaded.
That required the purchase of a new shiploader (Tower 1).

The contract to build the new shiploader was awarded to N.M. Heilig B.V. from Heerhugowaard (Netherlands). In the past, TES Industrial Systems and N.M. Heilig B.V. have completed several projects together for OBA and the two firms joined forces for this project, too. A new conveyor belt (belt 7) was also installed at the same time as the new shiploader. This belt was the feed conveyor to the shiploader.

The 10kV medium voltage system, based on 690V fields, which provide the power supply for the shiploader and the belt, were modified and extended by TES Industrial Systems. These two installations were of course integrated into the SCADA system (delivered and installed by TES in 2008) in the central control room. (CBR)