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Rotterdam Short Sea Terminal

Wide Span Container Cranes

In collaboration with KALMAR Rotterdam, TES Industrial Systems delivered two “wide span” STS cranes to RST (Rotterdam Short Sea Terminal).

These container cranes have a lifting capacity of 52.5T and are fitted with Siemens frequency regulators linked using a DC bus. The DC bus is fed by two feedback units which are linked to master/slave control. This results in optimal energy distribution and feedback in the main network.

Each crane is controlled by a Siemens S7-300 PLC. The first-line diagnosis is projected on two touchscreen displays, one in the cabin and one in the eRoom.

Furthermore, the TES netlink system for monitoring and diagnosing cranes was installed on both cranes. This means that there is access, at any time, to the fault diagnosis system and other operational data (using a browser supported by JavaScript).