That's running hybrid

, Kalmar Netherlands B.V.

Hybride system Container Crane

TES Industrial Systems was contracted by Kalmar Netherlands to develop an energy storage system for Neva Metal in St Petersburg. TES Industrial Systems carried out the engineering, panel construction, installation and commissioning.

The hardware and software engineering, panel construction and preparation for commissioning were carried out in Oosterhout. All components were then packed up and transported by truck to Neva Metals location in St Petersburg (Russia). The installation and commissioning were eventually completed on location in St Petersburg in close collaboration with the client.

The hybrid system was installed in an existing container crane with a modern control unit. The container crane was conventionally linked to the power supply on the mainland, however, this connection was not sufficient to use the crane to its fullest. By adding energy form the hybrid system, the crane can now be used according to the crane constructor’s (Kalmar) instructions.

The hybrid system with its own control unit now works in unison with the original crane controls. Using data exchange between both systems, the system can be controlled flawlessly and used optimally. TES Industrial Systems took full responsibility for the adjustments to the original crane controls.

The entire installation has been fully operational since April 2018.